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Shenzhen University Academic Exchange Center

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The Academic Exchange Center of Shenzhen University is located on Shennan East Road, Shenzhen. The terrain is high in the north and low in the south, with a height difference of 12 meters between the north and the south. As a comprehensive platform for foreign academic exchanges of Shenzhen University and a landmark urban complex building, this university provides comprehensive supporting services.

The total building area is about 200,000 square meters, and its functions include office, hotel reception, exhibition, conference, multimedia, business, audio, sports and entertainment services as a comprehensive building. Considering the landmark, practicality, and functional flexibility of the project, a super high-rise tower and an auxiliary building are constructed to form a building complex. The main building of 1# is 250 meters high and about 100 meters wide.

The body of the building is maximized facing Shennan Avenue to achieve the maximum display effect. At the same time, the property value is high facing Shennan Avenue. 2# is a 4.5-storey subterranean sub-building. Vertically, the overall building is divided into four parts, namely: semi-underground auxiliary building, 1-10 storey hotel, 11-32 storey office low area, 33-55 storey office high area.

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