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Chengdu Tianfu Convention and Exhibition Center

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Kaida Hardware has always been adhering to the service concept of "Kaiyuan Lixin, Daxin Centennial", and is committed to solving various problems related to hardware for customers

Chengdu Tianfu Expo Center is the intersection of east-west and north-south main roads in Chengdu, close to government agencies such as the provincial party committee and municipal party committee, the economic and business district of Luoma City, and the intersection of the vertical and horizontal planning lines of the Chengdu Metro. The surrounding transportation is convenient, with many bus lines intertwined with it. Hotels, business office buildings, and leisure facilities are complete. It only takes 10 minutes to drive to Chengdu Railway Station and 30 minutes to Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport.

Tianfu Expo Center has first-class software and hardware facilities. There are multiple independent multimedia facilities in the exhibition hall (16 48-inch LCD TVs, 4 84-inch LCD TVs, 4 120-inch rear projections, 1 full-color LED outdoor large screen, and 4 multimedia information touch query systems). Complete passenger and freight system, central air-conditioning system, fire automatic smoke alarm (spray) system, air circulation system and smoke exhaust system and other comprehensive supporting facilities, and also has a multi-functional international conference hall.

Tianfu Expo Center follows the knowledge-based, information-based, and intelligent management methods, and has established a scientific, standard, and standardized management and operation system and a management mechanism that adapts to modern enterprise operations to manage a strong brand. Adhering to the professional management spirit, providing standardized, humanized and professional exhibition services, advocating the complementarity of "broadness" and "specialization", and the complementarity of "integrity" and "competition and cooperation", and seeking a good interaction between exhibition resources and market demand. Successively held several mouth brand exhibitions.

Application product: floor spring, door closer, door handle, patch fitting

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