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Foshan Nanhai District People's Hospital

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Nanhai District People's Hospital of Foshan City was built in 1946. It was formerly known as the Third Guangdong Provincial Hospital. It is located in Foshan, a famous historical and cultural city. . In 2021, it will become a directly affiliated hospital of South China University of Technology, listed as the Sixth Affiliated Hospital of South China University of Technology and the Sixth Clinical College of South China University of Technology.

Adhering to the spirit of the hospital motto of "virtuousness, sincerity, solidarity, and long-distance", after 76 years of rapid development, its comprehensive strength has been greatly improved, and it has become a hospital that integrates medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care, and rehabilitation. A modern general hospital with high-quality medical services, training of high-level medical talents, and strong regional advantages and influence.

In January 2022, the hospital will be relocated to Shishan Town, the sub-center of Nanhai. The new hospital covers an area of 220 acres, with a construction area of more than 365,000 square meters. It has fixed assets of more than 3 billion yuan and nearly 2,500 parking spaces. At present, there are 1516 beds, and 2000 beds are planned in the "14th Five-Year Plan". There are 30 functional departments, 26 party branches, 53 clinical medical technology departments, and 38 nursing units.

At present, the government has established a project to determine the first-phase adjustment planning project of the new hospital area, with a total investment of 1.151 billion yuan. A clinical experiment center will be built with an area of about 3000-3500 square meters, a floor height of about 7 floors and a total area of about 20000 square meters. , build a 20-25-storey comprehensive apartment building with combined functions of emergency and emergency, including student canteen, expert apartment, medical student dormitory, high-level talent room, clinical classroom, logistics room, supporting business, parking garage, etc.

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