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What is chain eelectric window opener?

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Chain electric window opener knowledge sharing

Chain electric window opener is a window automation device operated by an electric chain. It is usually a wall-mounted device mounted next to a window, powered by an electrical source, and can be automatically opened, closed, or positioned in a specific opening position through software control.

The main components of the chain electric window opener include the motor, the chain, the fixed bracket, the stopper and the controller. They are usually installed indoors and are suitable for homes or commercial buildings. They can also be used on Windows and doors that need to be opened, closed or positioned, such as in industrial or automotive areas.


The constitution of chain electric window opener: 

①Motor: The part that drives a chain, usually powered by DC or AC power.

②Chain: A part, usually of metal or plastic, used to transmit electrical power and to move a window.

③Bracket: A bracket, usually of metal or plastic, used to secure a chain electric window opener to a window or door. A unit used to control the maximum opening and closing position of a window or door, usually using a mechanical or electronic sensor.

④Controller: A component used to control and operate a chain electric window opener, usually consisting of a control panel, remote control, and interface, and capable of providing safety protection and fault diagnosis.

The chain electric window opener formed by the combination of these components is a convenient and practical automatic device that can make the opening, closing and positioning of Windows and doors more convenient and reliable.


What kinds of window openers are commonly used on the market? 

Chain electric window opener screw electric window opener hand window opener.


What's the difference between these products?

Application differences: Because the structure of the chain electric window opener is relatively simple, and the force required for transmission is small, so it is suitable for installation in small Windows and indoor doors and other occasions; Because of its strong bearing capacity and durability, screw electric window opener is widely used in large doors and Windows, industrial doors and automatic rolling curtains and other occasions.


What precautions and factors should you pay attention to when choosing window opener?

Fire test reports, product test reports and related certifications may be required for appearance and workmanship, windowed motor quality test reports and related certifications. In terms of cost performance, if the construction project does not need the relevant certification and test report, you can choose the products of the manufacturers with good technology and high quality.

Standard for window opener?

The standard of window opener is a factor closely related to the frequency of window opening and product quality. For frequently used occasions, there should be a corresponding certificate of fire test report, long life and other standards.


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