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How to choose the correct floor spring for the project?

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Floor spring knowledge sharing

A ground spring is a part of a gating system that is used to open and close, hold and lock doors. Door control hardware ground spring is a special ground spring,

it can not only reduce the vibration of opening and closing, improve the stability, but also keep the door open and closed state, provide a certain damping force when the door is closed, and maintain the stability of the door when the door is opened, prevent the door from pushing outward or swinging.

Gated hardware ground springs are usually made of cast iron high strength stainless steel or other metallic materials, with excellent corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and strength, and high reliability.

What are ground springs made of?

The basic configuration of the ground spring is the celestial axis and the earth axis (or foundation). The axle is a fitting that connects the door frame to the door fan at the top, consisting of a button-type shaft fixed to the door fan with adjustable bolts and a shaft sleeve fixed to the door fan. The shaft can be applied to almost all wooden, steel, aluminum alloy doors and rimless glass doors using glass clamps.

Which kinds of commonly used ground springs are on the market?

1.1 American standard ground spring
1.2 European standard ground spring
1.3 China standard ground spring

Due to different detection methods, there is no comparability between the opening times of American standard, European standard and national standard.

What's the difference between the above:

There's no difference between the ground springs but the difference between the European standard and the American standard is the number of openings, right

High - grade American standard swing door
More than 2 million tests have been opened

High - grade European standard spring door
More than 500,000 open test requirements

Chinese standard spring door
More than 500,000 open test requirements


Ground spring purchase suggestion:

1, choose the appropriate bearing spring, bearing too much, increase the overall cost of selection, and too heavy can not get the door effect; Bearing too light, it is easy to affect the service life of the spring.
2, in the selection of European standard spring is the need to consider climate factors, in cold areas should choose antifreeze hydraulic oil spring, to avoid the temperature is too low to make the spring can not operate normally.
3. If it is an outdoor door fan, double cylinder ground spring should be selected. For external wind factors, double cylinder ground spring has advantages over single cylinder ground spring positioning.

Installation maintenance and maintenance?

Antifreeze solution should be added to areas with cold weather in the north.


Choose standard floor spring?

The standard of the ground spring is the frequency of opening the door, which is closely related to the quality of the product. For the occasion of frequent use, the product performance should be better and the life should be long.

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