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Academic Exchange Center, Xinjiang Medical University

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Kaida Hardware has always been adhering to the service concept of "Kaiyuan Lixin, Daxin Centennial", and is committed to solving various problems related to hardware for customers.

The Academic Exchange Center of Xinjiang Medical University is located in the Mingyuan Campus of Xinjiang Medical University (No. 168, South Youyou Road, Urumqi), affiliated to the College of Continuing Education. As a professional and technical continuing education base of the autonomous region, the center undertakes the training of cadres, professional and technical personnel of the health system of the autonomous region and various teacher training tasks. To undertake academic activities and continuing education training projects of affiliated hospitals.

Adhering to the refined service concept, the center provides training and conference planning and management services.

The center covers an area of 21 acres, with modern conference facilities, there are a large multi-functional conference center (can accommodate 350 people), a medium-sized conference room (can accommodate 120 people), 6 small conference rooms; The room department has 59 standard double rooms, 5 single rooms and 6 suites, which can accommodate 130 people at the same time. It has a conference restaurant of 1390 square meters, with a double-decker hall and balcony, which can accommodate 300 people at the same time. The hospital has more than 130 parking Spaces.

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