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Stainless Steel Split Door Handle and Automatic Sliding Door all used in project of Taikang Home · Yan Garden.

Product Application

Stainless Steel Split Door Handle

Nursing homes attach great importance to the safety performance of products, so the products supplied by our company are all considered on the basis of convenience for the elderly. For example, the stainless steel split door handles selected are all streamlined door handles without hooks, because it is easy to bring hooks back. Clothes are caught when opening and closing the door, which will cause dragging incidents. Therefore, when selecting products, we will consider the actual application scenarios. Besides of this style of lever handle, we also have many other options, if you want to know more details, please click our website WWW.JUSTOR.CN.

Each room in a nursing home will be equipped with many hardware products for disabled people, such as door handrails, electric door openers, automatic doors, etc. The use of smart hardware equipment can help provide convenience for the elderly who have difficulty accessing. For example, an elderly person in a wheelchair does not need to push the door with his hands. After installing an automatic door, the door will automatically open and close, thus facilitating the passage of the disabled.


Automatic Sliding Door

There are 3 reasons why you need to choose our JU-X150B automatic sliding door, the first one is through sensor system of the automatic sensor door  which can transmit the opening and closing of the door according to the person's position, movement, and other information, without manual push and pull. The second one is the safety of the item, which refers to the safety system, such as anti-collision stop device, anti-pinch device, etc. to ensure the safety of personnel, and it is controlled by electronic equipment, not human operation, which reduces human errors and unnecessary negligence. The last one is the appearance of the item, which is in line with public aesthetic concepts.

Project Details


Taikang Home · Yan Garden is a comprehensive high-end medical and nursing community located in the core area of Changping New City, Beijing, with a total investment of 6.36 billion yuan, a total construction area of about 300,000 square meters, and an area of about 140,000 square meters. Taikang Home · Yanyuan is surrounded by beautiful environment and convenient transportation. The architectural design combines modern and traditional elements to create a livable and pleasant living space.


The individual residential units offer privacy and security and are equipped with the necessary ancillary facilities to meet the special needs of the elderly. The community has three phases of development and construction, and after completion, it can meet the needs of about 2,660 elderly residents. Yanyuan provides different levels of professional care services, including independent living, assisted living, professional care, memory care and other options.


There are abundant medical resources around Taikang Home and Yanyuan. In addition to the self-built Taikang Rehabilitation Hospital, there are also many medical institutions such as Changping Hospital, Changping Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Peking University International Hospital and Tsinghua Changgeng Hospital, which are all located within 30 minutes of the golden emergency time. Among them, the most recent and largest is the Peking University International Hospital, which is only 20 minutes away by car.


The community is close to Baifuquan Wetland Park and Anshan National Forest Park, with a vegetation coverage rate of 60.6% and air quality above Grade 2 all year round, providing residents with a fresh environment and good health conditions. The rehabilitation hospital in Yanyuan Community has opened and operated, with a construction area of 13,000 square meters, 100 beds, 2 operating rooms, and an 800-square meter rehabilitation hall.


Taikang Home · Yanyuan takes "warm home, Open University, elegant club, high-quality medical care center, spiritual home" as the guidance of the five-in-one dynamic elderly care service concept, through professional, meticulous and thoughtful services, the elderly living in Yanyuan get rid of loneliness, have a sense of security, and increase the sense of happiness. Yanyuan also provides about 2,000 jobs for nursing, housekeeping and other professionals in the community.


The service quality star assessment work of Beijing elderly care Service institutions is based on the requirements of the Civil Bureau's Notice on doing a good job in the Service Quality star Assessment work of elderly care Service Institutions (Jingmin Elderly Care (2019) No. 113) and supplementary notices and other relevant documents, and is led by Beijing Elderly Care Industry Association. Beijing Elderly Care Industry Association is a professional and authoritative AAAAA social organization in charge of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs. It is mainly responsible for carrying out the star rating of Beijing elderly care service institutions and the formulation of industry standards, so as to promote the healthy and orderly development of the elderly care industry.


In the star rating work of Beijing elderly care institutions, the professional review team evaluated Taikang Home · Yanyuan from multiple aspects such as community environment, equipment and facilities, service operation, service quality, and standardization system. Finally, all indicators of Yanyuan reached the five-star evaluation standard and was awarded "Beijing five-star elderly care Institutions".


Community construction area of more than 8,000 square meters, with standardized independent space welfare center, medical room, recreation center, cultural activity center, physiotherapy center and other specialized functional departments, as well as a variety of living facilities and supporting services.


Thanks for the support of new and old customers, our company will continue to improve product quality and develop more cost-effective products. If you have any questions, you can add our Whatsapp for consultation, or contact us by email (kaida6@justor,net).

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