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Guangzhou International Financial City

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Guangzhou International Financial City is located in the southeast of Tianhe District, Guangzhou, starting from Zhongshan Avenue and Huangpu Avenue in the north, bordering the Pearl River in the south, and reaching the boundary of Tianhe District in the east. . In 2020, Guangzhou International Financial City will be integrated into the Guangzhou Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy Experimental Zone as a whole, and together with Pazhou Area (including Guangzhou University City) and Yuzhu Area, will build a spatial pattern of "three areas on one river, two banks".

Guangzhou International Financial City is building 25 Grade A office buildings with a construction area of about 2.4 million square meters. The starting area has introduced 12 financial institutions such as Guangzhou Financial Holdings, China Guangfa Bank, and Pacific Insurance, and the eastern area has introduced leading companies such as Macau International Bank, Kugou Music, and Shangpin Home Delivery. The digital creative industry in the North District is developing rapidly, and the Yangcheng Creative Industry Park has become a national cultural industry demonstration base and a Guangdong national music creative industry base, and has gathered more than 120 information technology and cultural media companies. The West District is accelerating the construction of China Artificial Intelligence (Guangzhou) Industrial Park, Guangzhou T.I.T Smart Park and other parks.

A 450-meter-high landmark will be built in the west area of Guangzhou International Financial City, and a 350-meter-high landmark will be built in the east area, facing the high-rise buildings in Zhujiang New Town such as Canton Tower and West Tower. In the start-up area, financial forums, financial service centers, and financial museums will also be built.

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