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JUSTOR Kaida floor spring, a model of the hardware industry brand

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Zhaoqing Kaida Hardware Decoration Co., Ltd. (referred to as Kaida Hardware), mainly produces floor springs, and developed the first generation of aluminum door floor springs.

Kaida Hardware, a manufacturer of high-quality floor springs

Zhaoqing Kaida Hardware Decoration Co., Ltd. (referred to as Kaida Hardware) mainly produces floor springs, and developed the first generation of aluminum door floor springs, becoming the first batch of professional door control hardware manufacturers in China. Since its establishment in 1988, after 28 years of hard work and wisdom from Kaida people, through continuous research and development and investment in new products and new technologies, specializing in the production of floor springs, glass door clips, door closers, hinges, smart locks, handles At present, Kaida Hardware has become a modern hardware production enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service.

Kaida Hardware mainly manufactures floor springs, which are installed at the lower part of the swing door door leaf to realize automatic closing of the door leaf, and can also adjust the automatic closing speed of the door leaf. There are two ways to open the floor spring: two-way opening and one-way opening. At the same time, the floor spring can be used in conjunction with the door clip; the floor spring can keep the door leaf beautiful and can be closed normally. It is mostly used on the doors of high-end buildings. When selecting the floor spring, more details should be considered. Factors such as the weight of the door leaf, the size of the door leaf, the place of use, the frequency of use, and the object of use.

The following editor will give a product introduction to Kaida hardware floor spring:

There are various types of floor springs of Kaida Hardware. The models circulating in the market are: JU18, JU25, JU28, JU30, JU45, JU48A, JU68A, JU80, JU90, JU800. Kaida hardware floor spring types are divided into: light machine single cylinder, general machine single cylinder, medium machine double cylinder, heavy machine double cylinder.

1. Kaida hardware floor spring has different dimensions according to different floor spring models, and the panel is one piece.

2. Kaida hardware floor springs, each floor spring has the maximum door leaf width and the maximum door weight, and the strength can be adjusted.

3. Kaida hardware floor spring, each floor spring is a two-stage speed regulation, which can meet the closed door effect required by different occasions.

4. The floor spring of Kaida hardware has a built-in pressure reducing valve, which can prevent the floor spring from being damaged or leaking oil caused by closing the door under strong external pressure or strong wind.

5. Kaida hardware floor spring, its cement box can be adjusted to 5mm in length and 5mm in width, and can be adjusted longitudinally by ±2 degrees when calibrating the zero position, which makes the product installation more convenient.

6. Kaida hardware floor springs have passed the national QB/T2697-2005 standard to ensure their service life is more than 500,000 times. The product quality process control is carried out in strict accordance with the international quality management system to better ensure the stability of product quality. .

Since its establishment in 1988, Kaida Hardware has been committed to the research and development, production and sales of high-level professional door control and architectural hardware products, becoming a model in the hardware industry and building a century-old brand of hardware.