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Kaida Hardware, one-stop building hardware supporting base

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Kaida Hardware, a one-stop building hardware supporting base, aims to give you a five-star warm home

Buy hardware accessories, no need to run around

Hardware accessories are hardware products for major decoration, decoration and building materials companies, including architectural hardware, daily hardware, bathroom hardware and security hardware. Most of these hardware products are semi-finished products, and they need to be installed with corresponding tools or products in the later stage. , can be used. There are many kinds of hardware accessories, furniture hardware accessories, cabinet hardware accessories, mold hardware accessories, door and window hardware accessories and decorative hardware accessories, etc. Today we will talk about door control hardware accessories.

The door control hardware accessories here refers to hardware such as floor springs, door closers, hinges, handles, door clips, etc. I believe that such products are used in thousands of households. Take the most common hinges as an example, see Seems unimportant. Because of its small size, it is often overlooked. Hinges are often two-fold, connecting two boring parts to make them move. The hinge is mainly used for doors and windows and other places, and the materials are iron, copper and stainless steel. There are many specifications, types and brands of hinges, and there are so many choices that consumers are relatively complicated when purchasing. The hinge is a kind of small hardware with low technological content, so many types of manufacturers in the market are producing, and the quality is also uneven. It is recommended that consumers choose hinge manufacturers with better market reputation when purchasing.

In addition to hinges, other hardware components such as floor springs, door closers, handles, door clips, etc. are numerous in the market, and there are countless product choices. In view of this, some consumers need to compare and choose different products. It is really time-consuming and laborious to travel around for hardware accessories of different brands of products.

In today's Internet + era, traditional industries have also entered the online sales channel under the tool of the Internet, so that consumers can also buy satisfactory hardware products without leaving home! Kaida Hardware Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., as a modern hardware manufacturer, specializes in the production of floor springs, door closers, smart locks, hinges, handles, door clips and other hardware accessories, in order to better serve the public, for the construction of The beautiful motherland contributes its strength, invests human and material resources to develop Internet + hardware, and creates a one-stop hardware purchase website, allowing the general public to buy hardware accessories without having to rush around. Kaida Hardware Online One-stop Shopping Supermarket

Has the following characteristics:

1. Online order to lock inventory

2. Invitation to the factory for experience selection

3. Offline/online payment security

Kaida Hardware aims to give you a five-star warm home.