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How to install a door closer in wooden door?

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Door closing knowledge sharing

A door closer, also known as a door closer mechanism or door closer device, is a mechanical device that automatically closes a door after it has been opened.

 It is commonly used in commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, and other public places where doors need

to be kept closed for safety, security, or energy efficiency purposes.


The door closing device is a spring-like hydraulic device on the door head.

When the door is opened, it can be compressed and released to automatically close the door.

It plays a role like a spring door, which can ensure that the door can be closed accurately and timely to the initial position after being opened.



The modern hydraulic door closing device (referred to as the door closing device) began in the early 20th century in the United States registered a patent,

it is different from the traditional door closing device, by throttling the liquid in the door to achieve the buffer effect.


The core of the design idea of hydraulic door closing device is to realize the control of the closing process, so that the closing process of various functional indicators can be adjusted according to the needs of people.




What are door closers made of?

● supporting guide parts
● transmission gear
● return spring
● check valve
● rack plunger
● throttle valve core
● housing
● end cover
● sealing ring
● connecting rod

The housing and connecting rod hold the door closed and connect the door to the door frame.

Door closers are typically made of aluminum, steel, or brass, and come in a variety of finishes to match the surrounding hardware and decor.  

They are designed to withstand years of use and abuse, and are tested to meet industry standard.


What are some common door closers on the market?

External and built-in top door closers
built-in middle door closers
bottom door closers (ground spring)
vertical door closers (built-in vertical door closers)
other types of door closers
Electric door closers and so on

Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the specific application and requirements.

The electric door closing appliance is equipped with the function of automatically opening and closing the door; With access control products, microwave sensors and other accessories, it can realize the non-inductive passage function, making the passage more convenient and sanitary.

Through continuous innovation, Kaida has developed a larger load-bearing electric door closed automatically after power failure to provide customers with more configuration schemes.


What's the difference between these products?

Conventional door closure is the most common on the market, his advantage is cheap and easy to install.
The advantages of
hidden door closure is more difficult to install but beautiful than the conventional model of the door.

Surface-mounted door closers are the most common type and are installed on the surface of the door and frame.   They are easy to install and maintain, and can be adjusted to control the speed and force of the closing action.   However, they can be unsightly and may interfere with the aesthetics of the door and surrounding area.

Concealed door closers are installed inside the door and frame, making them invisible from the outside.   They offer a clean and sleek look and are ideal for applications where aesthetics are important.   However, they can be more difficult to install and maintain, and may require specialized tools and skills.

Floor-mounted door closers are installed in the floor and are typically used for heavy and large doors.   They offer a high level of durability and strength, but can be expensive and difficult to install.

Overhead door closers are installed on the top of the door and frame, and are commonly used in commercial settings.   They offer a high level of control over the closing action, and can be adjusted to meet specific requirements.   However, they can be unsightly and may interfere with the aesthetics of the door and surrounding area.


With its innovative and ingenious design, the hidden door clovers of Kaida, such as JU-092 and JU-192, can be completely hidden in the body of the door whose thickness is greater than 40mm.

It abandons the disadvantage that the traditional door closing device must destroy the surface decoration of the door, creates a delicate and beautiful space, and makes the overall visual appearance of the door body more concise and beautiful.


Installation, maintenance and maintenance:

Antifreeze should be added to places in the north where the weather is too cold.

① Before installing door closers, read the installation instructions carefully. Each brand is different from each model. Install the door closers in strict accordance with the installation instructions.

② The speed and strength of the door closing device are standard. Each door can be adjusted as needed. The speed and strength required by the manufacturer can also be informed in advance

③ After installation, check whether the main arm and linkage arm rub or collide with the door frame after opening the door to the maximum position.

④ When adjusting the valve, do not exit or higher than the main surface of the door close, so as to avoid falling off or leaking oil under the action of pressure.

⑤ After the installation of the main body, it is necessary to check whether the coordination of other hardware of the same door is correct, such as the door lock, whether the inclined tongue is completely withdrawn after the door is closed by the door closers.

⑥ Do not open the door beyond the predetermined range of the door close.

⑦If the opening Angle of the door is smaller than the opening Angle of the door close due to the architectural environment, please choose to install the door stop.


Five ways to install door closers:

There are five ways to install door closers. The installation method varies according to different doors.

1. Standard installation:

The body of the door closing device is installed on the side of the door, and the support arm is installed on the door frame. This type of installation is suitable for the narrow door frame, there is not enough room to install the door closure. This installation mode is also suitable for opening the door without obstacles to open the door to a large enough Angle, the door closed will not hit the outside object.

2. Installation of upper door frame:

The door closing device is installed on the door pushing side, and the support arm is installed on the door. This installation mode is suitable for wide door frames and sufficient space for door closers. Compared with the standard installation, this installation mode is suitable for the door opening direction with walls and other obstacles. Compared with standard installation, this installation has a larger closing force and is suitable for larger and heavier doors.


3. Parallel installation:

The door closing device is installed on the door pushing side, and the parallel plate is installed on the door frame. This installation mode is suitable for the door frame is very narrow, or almost no door frame you install in this way, because there is no protruding connecting rod and rocker arm, so it is more beautiful. Compared with standard installation, this installation is suitable for open door direction with wall and other obstacles.

Compared with standard installation, parallel installation is suitable for small closing force, open the door in the direction of the wall and other obstacles.


4. Installation of slide rail:

Compared with the previous several ways, it is mainly to install the equipment on the door, the slide rail as for the door frame, suitable for use in the closing force is small, and because there is no outstanding connecting rod and rocker arm, high aesthetic.

5. Hidden installation:

This installation method is the same as the installation of slide rails for hidden door closers. After installation in this way, there are no exposed parts in the closed state of the door, so the most beautiful. This type of installation is the most complex and requires professional installation. This installation method requires a large gap between the door frame and the door, generally 10MM(or remove the material on the top of the door during installation to increase the gap). The thickness of the door is over 42MM.


Considerations and considerations for choosing door closers:

● Door weight
● Door width
● Door frequency 
● Use requirements
● Use environment


Common doors are

fire doors

wooden doors

aluminum alloy doors

glass doors

steel doors

and so on.Usually the weight of the door is small, so choose the less powerful model, and vice versa.


Standard for door closers

The standard of door closing device is that the frequency of opening the door is a factor closely related to the quality of the product.

For frequent use occasions, the sealing performance of the product should be better and the service life should be long.


Door closure implementation standard

European Union EN 1154

American ANSI 156.4

China QB/T2698-2013 Door closers

China Standard for Fire Protection of door closers GA93-2004


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