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Maintenance tips for bathroom clip


With the popular use of shower room, bathroom clamp is extensive, all of  our family will use the bathroom clip. Due to long-term exposure in the bathroom clamp surface hot flashes in the environment, even if the quality and excellent products, if not properly maintained, it will reduce the service life of the bathroom clip. How can we maintain the bathroom clip?

maintenance tips:

1. The bathroom is always wet, not only bacteria, but it is easy to make the bathroom clip corrosion, yellow. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the metal surface dry, rainy weather, keep ventilation, avoid prolonged exposure to moisture.

2. Avoid the use of corrosive detergent, acid cleaning agent to clean metal. The towel with neutral cleaning agent can be used soft dry, then gently wipe the surface, to ensure that the pendant shine.

3. The paint has a great effect on the surface of the bathroom clip, so don’t let the paint get to the bathroom.

4. Regularly wipe the bathroom clamp, about 2 weeks for a cycle, thorough cleaning, prolonging the service life of the bathroom clip.

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