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Justor, the well known hardware domestic products


Justor was founded in 1998, which focus on high-end market, independent research and development of the door control hardware. using of modern production technology and process, has a number of experts and engineers specialized in the development and innovation of the Justor product. At present, Justor has hundreds of product categories, covering the floor spring, door closer, glass door clip, bathroom clip, door handle, intelligent lock, etc.; It committed to the whole society to provide high-quality gated hardware products and related decoration solutions consulting.


Justor with its advanced design concept, exquisite appearance, excellent quality, to meet the individual needs of different customers, has got universal acceptance from users. Many of the city's buildings have the shadow of the application, Justor provide products and services to a large number of landmark buildings around the world. It can be said that there is a place of architecture, there is the name of Justor.


Every aspect of the development and production are very sophisticated, high level of manufacturing technology and top manufacturing materials are the most basic requirements of the brand—Justor.

In future, Justor will make unremitting efforts to focus on gating hardware R & D and manufacturing, strive for excellence, only for the community to bring comfortable, stable, safe, high quality home enjoyment.

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