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How To Choose The Right Shower Hinge?

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How to choose the right shower hinge? You can choose the shower hinge based on three elements such as finish, material and price. In this article our company will compared three types of bathroom hinge to tell you how to buy a good bathroom clamp.

What is shower hinge?

Shower Hinge is also called glass door hinge or bathroom door hinge, with fashion, beautiful, convenient installation and many other advantages, modern bathroom popular frame-less shower room, spawned a number of glass door hinges and glass hinge, which is more widely used bathroom clamp.

The bathroom clip is also a spring clip, and there is a spring in the middle of the sandwich, so that it has an automatic return function. Bathroom clamp is suitable for tempered glass, when the door is closed to about 25 degrees, the door will automatically close.


What are the different types of shower door hinges?

There are many ways to distinguish multiple shower hinges in the market, but mainly based on material. We can divided the shower hinge into three types: stainless steel shower hinge, brass shower hinge and zinc shower hinge.

Stainless Steel Shower Hinge
Bathroom clips are available in stainless steel, brass and zinc alloy according to material. Stainless steel bathroom clips are the most common, but the price difference is very large. Stainless steel is mainly divided into national standard 304 and 201 and 202.  Among them, the stainless steel of the national standard 304 material is the best quality, the hardness is large and not easy to break, the steel is excellent and not easy to rust, and the advantages of 201 and 202 are difficult to compare. And high-quality stainless steel does not need plating treatment, so there will be no rust for a long time, and the load-bearing capacity is good.

The stainless steel bathroom clip is divided into hollow stamping and solid precision casting. Solid precision casting stainless steel bathroom clip because the material is full, and the ability to withstand the advantages of better quality than the empty or welded stainless steel bathroom clip, the price naturally has a certain difference. If the pursuit of quality first, it is recommended to use stainless steel 304 precision casting bathroom clip, so that the quality is guaranteed, mainly reflected in the service life, the service life of the precision casting bathroom clip is generally between 6-8 years, and the stamped hollow bathroom clip is between 4-5 years, the specific situation depends on the actual application scenario. Solid and hollow are still relatively easy to distinguish, and can be detected by weighing. The bathroom clips produced by Kaida Hardware are solid bathroom clips, never short of weight, to ensure the quality of goods.


Brass Shower Hinge

Another most commonly used material is copper, the market price of copper bathroom clips is about 30-80 yuan, and customized high-quality copper bathroom clips are more than 100 yuan. Copper bathroom clips due to bright after electroplating or high brushed texture, are very grade, and the copper never rust, long oxidation resistance, can ensure a longer service life of the bathroom clip, and has a high recycling value, so the price of high-quality copper bathroom clips is more expensive than stainless steel bathroom clips. In the 15 years of production and export experience of Kaida Hardware, it was found that Europe and the United States and other countries prefer to use copper bathroom clips, because it makes their shower rooms or glass products more grade, and the product can be differentiated from other products on the market. However, many nominal full copper bathroom clips on the market are sold at a very low price, and most of the choices are non-standard copper materials, and the proportion of zinc is generally high. Therefore, such so-called copper bathroom clips, the surface treatment is poor, the bearing is also poor, there is a risk of fracture. The copper material used by Kaida hardware has a special procurement quality inspection personnel to ensure the quality of copper, which has won the love of European and American customers


Zinc Shower Hinge

Zinc alloy bathroom clip is also a more common material, the market price is about 25 yuan below. Zinc alloy bathroom clips also need to be electroplated, the surface is very similar to copper, but the cost is much lower, the electroplated surface is easy to foam, starting points, and the bearing capacity of the alloy is also very poor, prone to brittle break. Therefore, the market price of zinc alloy bathroom clips is very cheap, but its effect and service life can not be compared with stainless steel bathroom clips and copper bathroom clips, so zinc alloy bathroom clips have been basically eliminated by the European and American markets. For general customers, our company will not recommend the use of zinc alloy bathroom clips, because the quality of such bathroom clips is very unsatisfactory, which is easy to cause a lot of after-sales problems.

However, due to the impact of the epidemic in recent years, the macroeconomic downturn, the market downturn and so on, now many regions in the Middle East and Africa are still using zinc alloy bathroom clips. For customers with low budget and the pursuit of price rather than the pursuit of quality, zinc alloy bathroom clips have become the first choice, but our company basically does not produce zinc alloy bathroom clips. Only stainless steel and copper bathroom clamps are produced. However, in addition to being a high-quality source manufacturer, we can also provide one-stop procurement services to help customers to purchase different types of products, especially non-standard hardware.

In summary, if the basic cost performance is considered, it is recommended to use stainless steel shower hinge, which are not only moderately priced, but also generous and beautiful in appearance design and long in service life compared with the brass shower hinge. Let me introduce our JUSTOR stainless steel shower hinge, there are three reasons why you want to choose our shower hinge:






Swing Door VS Sliding Door

Swing Door
The shower room is divided into swing door and sliding door from the way of opening the door. The swing door of the shower room is divided into external opening and internal opening, and the external door occupies the external space of the shower room, which is suitable for the bathroom with a larger area. When choosing to open the door, we should pay attention to whether the door will touch the toilet or bathroom cabinet, to avoid damage to the glass due to collision.


When selecting the inner door, the internal space of the shower room is required not to be too small, so that there is enough space to avoid the rotation of the door after entering the shower room. The glass of the swing door should not be too thin, and the thickness should be between 8 mm and 10 mm, and the direction of the swing door should be determined according to the size of the bathroom space and the use habits of the family. The overall space of the shower room is strong and permeability is good, which belongs to the traditional door opening, catering to the living habits of most people, and it is convenient to clean, but it is not suitable for the bathroom with a small area, and it is very easy to damage the sanitary utensils beside the switch.


As we can see that the hardware we used in a swing is very simple, just need shower hinge, shower bar, glass connector, shower handle and waterproof strip. You can try our bathroom Combo Set which contains the different models of shower hinge, glass connector, bathroom handle and so on. Besides of these, Kaida Hardware also manufacturing floor spring, glass door lock, patch fitting and so on based on our vertical product expansion strategy. If you interested on it you can browse our website www.justor.cnto see which models are you need, rather than that we also can provide one-stop solutions based on your application scenarios.

Sliding Door

The sliding door takes up less space than the swing door, which is more suitable for families with smaller bathrooms. The frequency of use of single sliding door is higher, the quality of the slide rail is very critical, if the push and pull is not smooth, it is easy to cause damage to the glass door. The sliding door has a lifting rail and the ground rail, if you choose to install the lifting rail, then you need to take into account the bearing capacity of the lifting rail, because the lifting rail of the bearing force requirements are higher than the ground rail, in the hardware accessories should also be carefully selected.


In addition, the groove of the slide rail is easy to accumulate water, impurities, hair, etc., which is more difficult to clean than the swing door. The sliding door shower room can be opened side to side and does not take up any space. If you interested on the sliding door bathroom set, you can try our JU-A002 bathroom sliding door set, which is used by stainless steel 304 rather than 201, it can ensure the load-bearing strength of the product.

To sum up, the most popular on the market is still based on stainless steel shower hinge, because it is cost-effective, price concessions, popularity is higher than brassand zinc alloy, so most customers we will recommend the use of stainless steel bathroom clips, many shower hingeon the market are hollow castings, but our Kaida hardware is basically the use of solid castings, So welcome to consult products, our company has 24 hours of customer service online.