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How to choose the high quality glass door handle?


Glass door handle is a collection of all the glass door handle on the market, often used in hotels, office glass door. As we all know, door handle is one of the important hardware in the house decoration. With the stainless steel market continues to grow, the use of stainless steel products more and more widely, especially stainless steel handle products. many manufacturers are now on the market to focus on the production, manufacture and sale of glass door handle.

The door handle seems to be stainless steel, it looks simple and clean. In fact, not only the monotone color stainless steel door handle our impression, handle with high quality aluminum alloy material as base material, pickling, polishing, passivation, spraying and other processes, can have a variety of colors, and never fade or rust due to corrosion of daily cleaning. The material of glass door handle is a variety , as the purchaser how to choose the high quality glass door handle?

The stainless steel tube must be thick, otherwise it may hit the depression. The purchase is recommended to touch and knock. If it is a thin tube to hold fast with the hands of the same temperature, and the thickness of the tube is relatively cold; thick tube with a finger tapping, sound crisp, thin tube will be boring. Also some bad manufacturers in the way of filling cement to deceive customers. The thickness of stainless steel grade, the price difference is far away, as far as possible to choose the high quality and reliable manufacturers (kaida hardware) made of 304 stainless steel.

Stainless steel handle product surface is clean and tight, not easy to dirt dirty trick; if there is a slight scratch, stainless steel handle water scrub paper with toothpaste can be removed. Handle fittings of high quality and precision, poor tolerance, rough machining. Generally want to open the handle in order to identify the processing of internal parts.

In addition, the superior general packaging handle regular, multi protection, and low is very simple; the selection is not only a trademark, but also there is no certification, factory information, telephone and other information, once there is a problem, you can find the seller claims.

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