function of shower hinge1. Self closing and bidirectional opening. 2. 25 degrees automatically back to zero position. 3. Never fade, rust proof. 4. Exquisite polishing process.


Shower hinge brief introduction

Bathroom folder is also called the bathroom door twist, the appearance of stylish appearance, easy installation and so on, and now the bathroom are popular boxless shower room, some glass door hinge and glass hinge, which uses a wider bathroom folder.

         Bathroom clip material can be divided into, stainless steel, copper, zinc alloy. Stainless steel material of the bathroom folder, do not need plating treatment, so a long time will not appear foaming or mold point appears, bearing strength is also better; copper bathroom folder after the plating after the bright, grade is better, the general star hotel Of the shower and more use, and the cost will be relative to the zinc alloy bathroom folder high, but the plating is not easy to surface blistering, and the alloy bearing capacity is relatively poor, prone to brittle fracture


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