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JUSTOR Kaida The 134th Canton Fair (Guangzhou)

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This article is an invitation letter, I Sikaida hardware sincerely invite you to Guangzhou to participate in the 134th China Import and Export Commodity trading bank, our company will display a large number of new products, looking forward to meeting you.

Welcome to The 134th China Import and Export Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Canton Fair), let is have a quick look of our exhibits in this exhibition, mainly focus on floor spring, patch fitting, door closer and some of intelligent products such as electric door opener, electric floor spring and so on.

Product Presentation

Door Closer(JU-183-6)


1. The high strength cast aluminum alloy body can be used continuously for 500,000 times without damage

2. Maximum opening Angle 125°, fire door test report

3. The product uses antifreeze hydraulic oil, which can operate normally at -40C° -40C°

4. The body is equipped with two regulating valves, which can adjust the speed of 0-15 degrees and 15-120 degrees respectively

5. Ultra-thin open-mounted door closers, suitable for installation in various scenarios


Floor Spring(JU-68A)


1. CE Certification and EN1154

2. The high strength cast iron body can be used continuously for 500,000 times without damage

3. Two sections adjustable speed

4. 90 degrees two-way opening, maximum dynamic positioning opening Angle of 120 degrees

5. Maximum bearing weight ≤120kg, maximum door width ≤1150mm


Electric Door Closer (JU-KMJ201)


1. Rich interface:Use a wide range of voltage, provide sensors, access control, safety light protection and other interfaces configured with electric lock, power output interface.

2. Double-door interlock: Emergency power supply can be configured to meet security needs, and the interlock function between doors can be realized.

3. Silent driving device: The driving device has low noise, reliable performance and safe use, providing more convenience for living and working environment.

4. Safety protection design: When encountering obstacles and personnel during operation, the door will open in the opposite direction.





The 134th China Import and Export Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Canton Fair) It will open on October 15, 2023 and attracts nearly a thousand industry companies to participate every year. As a well-known hardware manufacturer, what kind of wonderful content will Kaida Hardware bring? Let's take a look.




Kaida Hardware will work together for all businesses to provide the latest door control intelligence products, to help you reach more business opportunities in the Canton Fair!. From October 15th to 19th, Booth 10.1J38 of Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall, Kaida sincerely invites you to visit the exhibition site for guidance!



Kaida Hardware in this exhibition also brought new products for you, such as spring, door closers, automatic doors, chain window openers, and other new products, but also by the majority of customers. Witness the founding, witness the creation, witness a hundred years, we do not exaggerate the publicity, just let the facts appear, in this realistic and rational modern society, convinced that the pursuit of persistence, must be the ultimate of a hundred years.



JUSTOR Kaida, the first in the industry to put forward the "quality of China durable door control" strategy, attaches great importance to product quality, the implementation of comprehensive production quality management, to provide customers with durable, exquisite, high-quality products!

Kaida is based on the enterprise spirit of "KaiYuan LiXin DaXinBaiNian", and adheres to the core management of integrity, stability and enterprise. Based on the development of enterprises, create and serve the whole society! 


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