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This article mainly describes why the hidden door closers are used in hotel projects, emphasizing the convenience of installation, product stability and appearance beautification performance.



Main Product 1: Door Closer

The significance of the door closer is not only the automatic closing of the door, but also the protection of the door frame and the door body (smooth closing). More importantly, the door closer has become an indispensable part of the intelligent management of modern building. Products used in hotel Security doors, wooden doors, metal doors and glass doors applicable door leaf width: 0.5-1.5 meters door opening angle: 180° Applicable door leaf weight: 15-150 kg Hode-open, Backcheck, delay, etc
Main product 2: Electric Door Closer

An Electric Door Closer is an electric device, usually mounted on the top or side of a door, that automatically closes the door and ensures that it closes completely. It is widely used in a variety of occasions, including commercial buildings, homes, hospitals, hotels, schools and other public places.


The following is a detailed introduction to the electric door closers:

1. How it works: The electric door closers automatically close the door through a set of mechanical and electrical components. It usually includes a motor, gear system, springs, sensors and controllers. When a person or object passes through the door, the sensor detects the opening of the door and triggers the electric door closers to start. The electric machine of the electric door close device exerts force to control the door to close slowly and forcefully, and finally lock the door safely.


2. Main features and advantages:
Safety: Electric door closers can ensure that the door automatically closes after people pass through, preventing the door from being accidentally left open, thus increasing the safety of the building.

No manual operation: electric door closers make the use of doors more convenient, no manual sliding doors, especially suitable for hotels and other people who need to carry items.

Compliance: Electric door closers usually comply with building safety regulations and accessibility requirements to ensure building compliance.



In short, Kaida JUSTOR electric door closers are a technology that can improve the safety, convenience and energy efficiency of doors, and are widely used in the construction industry to provide users with a better door control and access control experience. Thanks for the support of new and old customers, our company will continue to improve product quality and develop more cost-effective products. If you have any questions, you can add our Whatsapp for consultation, or contact us by email (


Introduction Of The Case


Hotel name: Grand Ion Delemen Hotel

Location: Genting Plateau, Malaysia

About Grand Ion Delemen Hotel


Grand Ion Delemen Hotel is located on the Genting Plateau in Malaysia. This paradise resort offers the perfect holiday experience, whether you are looking for a peaceful getaway or a vibrant sport and entertainment activity. Thoughtful, Cheerful, Playful Grand Ion Delemen Hotel, known as "Hotel In The Sky" is one of Genting Highland's most popular resort destinations, located only an hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur. It provides a cozy urban resort experience at 6,000 feet above sea level. This is the best choice for seasoned travellers or those who have no idea where to stay in Genting Highland. Perfect after a last-minute shopping spree at Sky Avenue First World Plaza and Genting Premium Outlet.


Plateau Paradise: Enjoy a magical journey to the Genting Plateau at the Supreme Hotel, just minutes from the city center. If you want to experience the most exciting roller coasters and visit the most famous Theme parks, then the Supreme Hotel is your ideal choice, just 1.6 kilometers from the popular Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park. You can enjoy the magnificent view of sunrise and sunset.


Start each morning with a delicious in-room breakfast at the Supreme Hotel. Who doesn't love good coffee! The on-site cafe allows you to enjoy a cup of real, freshly brewed coffee every morning - and of course, whenever you want. If you don't feel like eating out, the resort always has a variety of delicious meals to choose from. With a wide range of dining options, such as halal, the hotel caters for the rich and varied dietary preferences of its guests. Enjoy the nightlife with your travel companions at the resort's karaoke lounge, without leaving home.


The Supreme Hotel offers a variety of in-store facilities to suit guests' needs. Free Internet service is available in the resort, and you can also happily swipe your mobile phone during your stay. The resort offers taxi services to make exploring the Genting Plateau even easier. Parking is available for guests arriving by car.  Fine dining: Several restaurants serve a variety of cuisines, from Caribbean to international, to satisfy your taste buds.  Spa: The resort's spa offers soothing treatments and massages to help you relax during your stay.


Heavenly Court Grand Hotel offers exceptional entertainment for all its guests. Fitness enthusiasts who wish to stick to an exercise plan during the holiday season can exercise with the resort's fitness facilities. Want an exciting sports game? Work up a sweat with your travel companion or other guests on the resort's hiking trails! Meet new friends and have fun together in the resort's game room.  Heavenly Pavilion Hotel is the perfect place to explore the cultural and scenic attractions of Genting Plateau.



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